Cartography for Authors

Hand-Drawn Maps for Your Fantasy Novel

These pre-made maps are specifically designed to be printed in a book, and come with both colour (for web) and black and white (for print) versions.

Pre-made maps are discounted to $80 CAD right now!


This was absolutely stunning work from an incredibly talented artist. I never imagined someone could breathe so much life into something inert, until I held the world I had only ever seen in my mind's eye in my hands. I cannot recommend Allison highly enough.

—AJ, Dungeon Master
Meet the Cartographer

Allison Alexander

Jack of all trades, master of functioning without sleep.

Hi! I’m Allison—chronic nerd, writer, editor, and artist. Sci-fi and fantasy are my favourite things. 

I’ve been drawing and painting since I was ten, and picked up digital art as an adult. My obsession with maps began to grow after drawing one as a gift for my Dungeon Master. I didn’t want to stop making them after that, so… I didn’t!

As someone who enjoys working with and cheering on writers in a variety of capacities, my pre-made maps are especially designed for fantasy authors. I also love working on world maps for D&D and other RPGs.