Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got the questions, we’ve got the answers.

Can someone else purchase the same pre-made map that I buy?

No. I only sell pre-made maps once. So if you buy it, it is unique to you.

What licenses do I have when I purchase a map?

You are purchasing the license for small commercial use. This means you can print the map in your novel or put it on swag and sell it. Credit must be included in any instance of the content being used. You can credit as “Map by Allison Alexander.”

You CANNOT sell the map itself (i.e. the original PDF and JPG formats that you purchase) to anyone else.

So, for example:

  • Printing the map on a mug and selling it to your readers = OK.
  • Printing the map in the front of your book = OK.
  • Posting the map on your social media and website = OK. 
  • Selling the map to a publisher putting together an art book full of fantasy worlds = NOT OK.

Allison Alexander also has the right to post the map in her portfolio and on her social medias.

What size/colour are your pre-made maps?

All pre-made maps are 6″ x 9″ with a white border. They are designed at this size so that you can use them in the front of a book and printing them doesn’t require bleed settings. If your novel is smaller than 6″ x 9″, you can scale the image down.

You will receive both the colour and black and white version with your purchase.

Will you print out the map and send it to me?

No, I am not a printer. You will receive the digital files for the maps as JPGs, PNGS, and/or PDFs.

Will you add a name, town, landmark, or drawing to a pre-made map upon request?

No. Pre-made maps are sold as is. There are blank spaces for you to input custom names. You can do so digitally using Photoshop or a similar app.

Do you take commissions?

Yes, but not all the time. Check the bottom of the maps page to see whether I am open for commissions, or subscribe to my newsletter to get notified right away (note that my newsletter is geared towards writers of sci-fi and fantasy who are interested in worldbuilding and diversity).

What are your rates for custom commissions?

6 x 9 Region Map (black and white, up to 15 place names, 1 basic revision included): $150 CAD
6 x 9 Region Map (black and white + colour, up to 15 place names, 1 basic revision included): $200 CAD
11 x 14 World Map (black and white, up to 50 place names, up to 3 continents, 2 basic revisions included): $300 CAD
11 x 14 World Map (black and white + colour, up to 50 place names, up to 3 continents, 2 basic revisions included): $400 CAD

A region map is a small region from a larger world, like my pre-made maps. If you want an entire continent or multiple continents displayed, then you want a world map. If you want different dimensions or other customizations, you can request a custom quote.

A basic revision is a small-scale change, like fixing the spelling of place names or adding a landmark that was missed in the first draft. Large scale changes will result in extra fees.

I appreciate having a sketch to work from, even if it’s just a basic scribble of the continent(s) shapes and landmarks! Also, feel free to point out colours and styles you’re looking for (e.g. “I’d like the ocean to be close to the shade of blue you used in your ‘Winter’ pre-made map” and the round-domed city styles from your ‘Autumn’ pre-made map.”).

What do you use to draw your maps?

I use Adobe Photoshop and an XP-Pen drawing tablet.

Where did you learn to draw maps?

I learned to draw in general through years of practice and some art classes. I also worked as a graphic designer for years before I became an author/editor. I learned to draw maps specifically by studying other artists’ cartography, experimenting with styles until I found one I liked, and practicing.

Are you the same Allison Alexander who writes and edits books?

I am! It doesn’t say “Jack of all trades” in my bio for nothing, haha. I’m the author of Super Sick: Making Peace with Chronic Illness and co-author of Making Myths and Magic: A Field Guide to Writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy. You can visit my author website here, where I review SFF books and discuss how to represent disabled and chronically ill characters in fiction. My day job is Editorial Director at Mythos & Ink publishing, and I’m also the co-host of the Wayfarer’s Guide to Worldbuilding podcast. Most of my work falls under the categories of sci-fi, fantasy, worldbuilding, and diversity. Join my newsletter if you’d like to receive helpful advice in these categories.

What if I have a question that’s not answered here?

Feel free to send me an email